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MyStory is a Not For Profit organization working with the student’s community to make India a super Manpower country. Imagine you working with organisations like Google and Facebook or starting the next million dollars Startup like Ola or OYO, how would you feel?

What stops you? Are you now good enough? You are my friend…

You just need a platform and we are here to make you the next success story for you to say in the next few years… Here is below to register for our upcoming events. 

Problems you are facing

Experts In Every Subject

There are many students in our country whose interests are completely different from their profession or job and they are unhappy. there is no proper guidance available or handholding support to help and guide students to their career path

3 our of 5 employee not happy with their job

59% workforce are not happy with their job

People are losing interest in their jobs

People has no one to guide them

How MyStory is Going make yourstory 



We will ask you to speak out your interest and nurture you, connect you accordingly with real-time HRs and Business heads of various industries. Access to our platform for the students to explore the options available to them. Handholding support to help you get success and would like to invite you as speakers to motivate others.

About Us

MyStory is a platform in which students can listen to a lot of relatable stories of successful students who are pursuing their interests, we would help students to reach their desired position in which they are deeply interested in nurturing and training, we listen to your requirements and guide you accordingly. We will help students to connect with real-time HRs and Business heads of various industries.


Our Mission

We want to develop a platform for all students to explore their interests and can also listen to the success stories of other students who were able to achieve good packages and most importantly are working in the profession where they are deeply passionate about.


Our Vision

Every student should perceive the field of interest, irrespective of their degrees, our vision is to value each students and motivate, guide them to reach the success not only in terms of money but in terms of happiness in their life.

Hard work is the acceleration for your career, where direction matters more. Get directed where to go, even if slow, you will reach your Goal. 


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